Recreate Your Style: 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Frameless Shower Door

Are you tired of the dull plastic shower curtains in your bathroom or bathtub? If you feel like it's time to change a few details in your bathroom, getting the right frameless shower door could be an excellent choice. But where do you start, especially if this is your first glass shower door installation? This piece will take you through some insightful tips to help you choose a frameless shower door.

1. Choose a Unique Style

How do you picture your shower's final outlook and the door's functionality? Sliding doors are an ideal pick, especially when you have adequate space for a wider shower stall. Your bathroom's space may influence your ideal style.

Other attractive styles are the bi-fold door, pivoting shower door, and partial tub door. When it comes to the aesthetics of the glass material, you will have a wide variety of options ranging from rectangular shapes to curved semicircular shapes. Your style defines your personal tastes and preferences, so you should choose a unique design that demonstrates your sense of style.

2. Explore Different Glass Types

This may not be your specialty and could have more impact on your door's functionality than its aesthetic looks. Therefore, you might want to involve an expert's insights when exploring the glass materials.

One common type is the clear glass that never runs out of style. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Tinted glasses mostly come in bronze and gray films. Textured glass types have patterns on one side of the door. They are suitable for individuals looking for a more detailed style, although they can pose problems when cleaning. You could also explore low-iron and rain glass shower doors, to see what suits your bathroom lighting and functions.

3. Factor in the Shower Hardware

You will need to think about the shower door hardware and not just the glass materials. If you are renovating your bathroom, you might want to match the shower hardware to adjacent finishes, such as the towel bars or cabinet handles.

This will also help you make an accurate estimate of your budget. Consult with a professional contractor for second opinions on your thoughts.

4. Make Measurements

You only get to order your glass door materials once. Therefore, you should take the measurements carefully to ensure the doors will fit in just right. If you are renovating, your contractor will help you take the measurements with the new space in mind. Take your time when shopping for glass materials to ensure you get the perfect pieces.

Changing your shower door can be daunting when you look at the numerous options available. However, with a few guided tips, you can move on step by step and choose the perfect frameless shower door.