Benefits Of Installing Therma-True Doors

The doors of your home can be a critical part of the structure, but they can also be some of the least energy-efficient areas of the building. Upgrading the doors of your home with fiberglass doors can provide you with some important benefits that your older door may simply be unable to offer.

Longer Lasting Than Wood Doors

Wood doors can be one of the most common types of doors for homes to use. However, they can deteriorate fairly quickly. In addition to the obvious risk of the wood rotting, these materials will often be much more vulnerable to splitting and cracking. These issues can negatively impact the appearance of the door as well as potentially allow drafts and moisture to enter. Fiberglass materials allow doors to be exceptionally strong while being resistant to both rot and corrosion.

Exceptional Energy-Efficiency

Reducing the heat that is lost through the doors can help to improve the comfort of your house. Unfortunately, a homeowner may only assume that the drafts along the edges of the door will be the only source of energy loss. Yet, it can be possible for heat or cold to also pass through the door itself. Choosing a door that utilizes materials that are resistant to heat transfer or that have ample insulation inside them can help to reduce the amount of heat loss or gain that occurs through the doors. These doors may need to be slightly thicker in order to accommodate the large amounts of insulation that are required, but they should still be able to comfortably fit within a standard doorway.

Wide Range Of Appearances

The doors of your home can be one of the aesthetic highlights of the property. This can make coordinating the colors and textures of the door with the rest of the house very important. A major advantage of fiberglass doors is that they can be extremely versatile in terms of their appearance. In addition to being able to be almost any color, these doors can also be given various different textures. For example, it can be possible for these doors to be given a wooden or metallic appearance depending on the design of the rest of the home's exterior. Custom-made fiberglass doors will take longer to manufacture, but this delay is relatively insignificant for a feature of the home that could easily last a decade or longer before needing to be replaced.

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