What You Need To Know About Laminated Safety Glass For Your Next Windshield Replacement

Numerous injuries occur due to unsafe windshield glass, e.g., when it smashes into dangerous shards upon impact. In response to this problem, the auto industry developed laminated safety glass as a safer windshield alternative. The manufacturers of this type of glass apply heat or pressure onto two or more layers of tempered glass that are separated by an inter-layer of polyvinyl butyral to ensure that it does not shatter upon impact. Here are four essential facts that you need to know about this type of glass:

It Does Not Break Easily

Laminated safety glass is designed to withstand impact and not break easily, which explains why it is used exclusively for windshields and not side windows. Side windows are designed to be more easily breakable to allow passengers to break through and escape in case of an accident. Conversely, laminated safety glass is used in skyscrapers and office buildings because it does not drop and shatter in the event of an earthquake.

It Can Stretch Inward or Outward Upon Impact

This is an important feature that distinguishes laminated safety glass from other types. The type of glass contains polyvinyl butyral, which can stretch inward or outward upon impact while holding the glass together. This resistance to breakage keeps the integrity of the car intact. Therefore, in case of a rollover accident, laminated glass windshields ensure that the driver and passengers are not ejected from the vehicle and prevent objects from penetrating the front of the car.

It Blocks UV Rays Effectively

With a laminated safety glass windshield fitted to your car, you do not need to worry about exposure to UV rays. This material has been proven to prevent approximately 97% of the sun's UV rays from entering your vehicle. Consequently, it reduces the need to use your car's air conditioning, reducing gas mileage.

It Can Cause Injury When One Comes Into Strong Impact With It

Given that the laminated auto glass does not break easily, it can cause serious head or facial injuries to any passenger who comes into sudden, strong impact with it. Therefore, passengers are advised to always wear safety belts to avoid impacting the windshield in case of an accident.

These are some of the qualities that distinguish laminated safety glass from tempered glass. This type of glass provides durability, safety, and other multi-functional advantages because it does not shatter upon impact. Work with professionals for quality auto glass installation.

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