5 Reasons To Fix Cracked Windshields, Even In Winter

It can be tempting to put off a windshield repair until the weather gets warmer and nicer, but there are some good reasons not to. For your safety and peace of mind, a winter windshield repair or replacement is a must if there is any damage.

1. Improve Your Visibility

Visibility may be the most pressing reason to fix a cracked windshield. In winter it gets dark earlier, which lowers visibility quite a bit when paired with snow and bad weather. If you have an older windshield with etching and pits, then visibility worsens even more once you add a crack or chip. You can avoid accidents and possibly even a ticket for visibility-limiting damage if you have the windshield replaced. 

2. Stop Further Cracking

Small chips can turn into cracks, and those cracks can just keep getting bigger once winter arrives. This is because of thermal shock. When the inside of the car gets warmer than the outside, such as when running defrost, this causes the expansion of the crack inside the glass. Not only is this dangerous, but it can also be expensive. For example, small chips and cracks can be repaired, but larger damage will require a full windshield replacement. 

3. Prevent Moisture Leaks

Fortunately, most cracks and chips only affect the first layer of the glass, so there is little risk of initial moisture leaks. The problem comes as the crack expands in response to the thermal shock mentioned previously. Deep cracks can become deeper until moisture breaches the glass. More likely, a crack will grow until it reaches the seal at the edge of the window, thus compromising both the moisture seal and the integrity of the windshield.

4. Extend Wiper Life

Damaged glass is hard on windshield wipers, as it introduces roughness that can tear up the blades until they are virtually ineffective. Combine this with the fact that winter is harder on wiper blades thanks to snow, ice, and frost, and you may end up with ineffectual wipers or overly frequent replacement needs. Fix your windshield and you won't have to worry about it anymore. 

5. Avoid Extreme Damage

An example of extreme damage is when the entire windshield collapses inward during a heavy snowfall due to a crack compromising the glass's weight-bearing capacity. Your front windshield is part of the structural soundness of your car, which means your vehicle may be less safe when extreme damage occurs during an accident. Repair or replacement is the wisest and safest decision. 

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