Beautiful Summers May Yield Ugly Windshield Damage

Intact auto glass is important for a variety of reasons. Some vehicle owners may underestimate its importance to promoting safety and avoiding legal problems. Perhaps you are an individual who ensures that your vehicle's mechanical maintenance is up to par. You may also pay attention to details such as keeping a clean interior and waxing and washing your vehicle to keep its appearance presentable. 

Minor glass damage such as chips and cracks may not get taken seriously by some vehicle owners. There is a common misconception that minor cosmetic flaws to auto glass are not a reason to be alarmed. The issue with ignoring minor flaws is that they could lead to the need for an auto glass replacement. Windshields are the common location for chipped glass. Sometimes these damages occur due to circumstances outside of drivers' control such as inclement weather. 

You may be surprised to learn that summer weather may also negatively impact the integrity of windshields. Many individuals who enjoy summer usually welcome the warm weather especially if they dislike winter weather and live in climates that have harsh winters. The following represent a few auto problems you could face during the summer months.

Road Conditions

Some areas experience droughts or low rainfall during the summer months. This can lead to loose dirt on certain roads especially in rural areas. You may also experience other types of miniature-sized debris such as pebbles, small rocks, or sand if you live in an area that has waterfronts or is undergoing construction. Construction sites may have displaced gravel that gets dispersed from the ridges in tires or become airborne by moving vehicles. The debris can make contact with windshields and cause damage. Sometimes fine particles such as dust or sand may adhere to windshields. Drivers may use their windshield wipers to try to remove these substances. This decision can cause etching and scratches on windshield surfaces. 

High Temperatures

You have likely heard that leaving your car windows up could cause auto glass damage. However, no one may have explained how this can occur. Heat trapped in the cabins of vehicles cannot escape if the windows are rolled up. This can place strain on windshields because heat expands the glass even though you cannot visually see it. As temperatures get lower, the glass contracts and becomes at risk for breaking.

An auto glass repair shop is a good resource to use as soon as you notice any signs of glass damage. Your early response could be the determining factor in whether or not you will need a windshield replacement or repair. You can also rely on the experience of these professionals to help you learn about the common causes of auto glass damage in your area. 

If you need further information, reach out to a local windshield repair technician.