Reasons To Remove Your Tub And Add A Shower Enclosure When You Renovate Your Bathroom

If you're planning to remodel your bathroom, you might be comparing tubs and deciding on the type of shower you want. There are several advantages to installing a separate shower with an enclosure, and you may even be able to eliminate the tub. Here's why you may want to opt for a shower enclosure rather than a tub and shower combination for your new bathroom.

A Shower Takes Up Less Space

If your bathroom is small, it may always feel cramped since a tub takes up a lot of floor space. If you take out the tub and only have a shower, your bathroom will seem larger, especially if you opt for a glass shower enclosure that is nearly invisible.

Your bathroom may appear to be larger, and you may even have more space so you can build a storage cabinet to hold all your supplies so the new bathroom is less cluttered.

A Walk-In Shower Is Good For Aging In Place

If you plan to live in your home for years to come, you may want to consider making changes when you renovate that make it easier to age in place. Bathtubs are often dangerous and difficult to get in and out of when you're older.

You can have a shower built that doesn't have a curb or one that has a short curb that's easy to step over. This can greatly reduce the risk of you tripping as you get in the shower, and it makes it easier to bathe in a shower chair.

A Shower Enclosure Has A Modern Look

You probably want to update your bathroom when you remodel so it doesn't look outdated. This may involve putting in a new toilet and sink to replace old styles with modern and trendy fixtures. The same is true for your shower.

A glass enclosure and a luxury faucet give your bathroom a modern and fresh look. Plus, a shower enclosure can add a bit of glamour to your bathroom, especially when compared to a traditional tub and shower hidden behind a curtain.

You Have Design Options

In addition to choosing the size and location of your shower, you can choose the appearance. Glass enclosures come in different varieties, such as frosted glass, plain glass, and etched glass. Frosted glass gives you privacy, plain glass allows the most light to pass through and brighten the room, and etched glass adds a decorative touch to the bathroom.

If you love taking hot baths occasionally, you may still want a separate tub if your bathroom is large enough, but if you're a shower person, you may find eliminating the tub and devoting the space to a shower enclosure is the best way to renovate your bathroom.